Who am I

N.Z, Turin
Interests: Audio, Music production, Disc-Jockey, Gaming, Technology, Hardware
Diploma in Electronics, now studying for a Degree in Bank, Stock Exchange and Insurance. 

What i do:
– active tom’s hardware italy moderator in order to support the community
– writing reviews on tom’s hardware italian forum
writing reviews on Head-fi


Yourstingyfriend was born after many years surfing the e-commerce world and tech forums around the web.
This project is just the result of huge curiosity and desire to share experiences and good products with people who wanna buy online but can’t afford buying wrong products that many times cannot be returned easily or without spending more money again.

Here’s where “stingy” explains itself in the best way: “I want something great, but i don’t wanna spend so much..”
I’m sharing here some of my purchases with simple and detailed reviews, hoping someone would appreciate and find useful what i do and what i like to do.

Everything you read here comes from personal experience and it’s not influenced by any promotion, discount or seller proposal at all.
Every single word is based on personal preferences and tastes and nothing is intended the right way to see things.

If you’d like supporting me, follow me here and on my social pages, and share the website or the articles you like more with your friends or groups online.

Feel free to write me for any kind of commercial or non-commercial requests.

you can find me everywhere in other forums under the name “nxnje


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