Yinyoo Ash – Carbon Power

Hello everyone!
AK Audio have sent me the new Yinyoo Ash in order to try it and share my thoughts.
Here’s my review of these new IEMs.

You can buy the Yinyoo Ash by clicking on the link at the end of the review!

Just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on source, tips and so on.

Test were made on:
– Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone
– Presonus AudioBOX iONE connected to my PC with no Enhancements actived
– AGPTEK M30B/Benjie S8 DAP
I even connect my Fiio A3 when i need it if i hear some earphones need a little more power.

Technical specs:
Drivers: 1 BA + 1 DD
Sensitivity: 102dB/mW

Impedance: 18 ohm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
Cable lenght: 1.2m (0.78mm Connectors)
Plug Type: L-type gold plated 3.5 mm jack


Simple carton package with some foam inside that makes the packet a secure place for the shipping.
We find IEMs, cable and 6 pair of tips just like in the photo.


Cable is very good: it’s stiff and feels durable and features premade hooks. There’s no chin slider but you can easily find a workaround for that, just like i’ve explained in the first reviews on this website.
The cable features 0.78mm pins so you cannot use cables from KZ as they are 0.75mm.


The Yinyoo Ash are made of plastic which doesn’t feel cheap in the hands. Everything feels well assembled and there’s nothing to complain. Nozzle features a lip and there are no vents outside. This is a completely closed design IEM. Configuration features a classic hybrid setup with 1 balanced armature and 1 dynamic driver.


I have to say i’m surprised. These raised to the 1st place in terms of comfort in my personal ranking list. They really seem like a CIEM in my ear and i even forget i have something in the ears. Isolation is great as well. This time, i won’t complain about anything in this kind of section of the review: perfect fitting and isolation, at least for me.


Let’s get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum’n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they’re not at a headache level.
V-shape signature is usually my favourite one but in the last period i’m appreciating a more balanced presentation with less recessed mids, more of a U shape.

Lows: punchy, deep and emphasized. Bass response is boosted and some of you (the ones who are used to a more controlled experience) should look for somewhere else. Bass is textured (even if not at the level of T3 or A10) and has a good amount of thickness. Sub-bass is well extended and provides more than enough rumble.

Mids: mids are strongly recessed to my ears. Male voices are more forward with much warmth while female voices could have some more db. Instruments are a bit low in terms of volume so if you’re searching for something to listen to highly instrumental tracks, search elsewhere.

Highs: highs are not brilliant, with non-fatiguing response. There’s enough detail for the average user but as a brutal listener i would have liked some more. There’s no trace of sibilance (at least i didn’t experience any kind of sibilance) so treble sensitive people won’t have any problem wearing these.

Soundstage is average and gets a bit wider if we keep increasing the volume. Imaging is ok and instrument separation as well, just don’t put in Hans Zimmer concerts as those kind of things seriously need a more neutral and technical signature.

Now some comparisons:
vs VJJB N30
Low end is comparable with more texturing in the VJJB N30. Midrange is recessed in both. Highs are a tad brighter in the N30 with a little more detail. Soundstage is comparable and imaging/instrument separation are just ok in both. Comfort-wise, the Ash win by a huge margin. Build quality is also better in the Ash.

vs Yinyoo V2
Yinyoo V2 are another great product from Yinyoo. The V2 have a more U-shaped presentation while Ash are V-shaped. Sub-bass and bass are more emphasized on the Ash, while V2 have less boosted low end with more textures. Midrange is less recessed in the V2 being a bit more suited for instrumental tracks. Sibilance could be there in the V2 but female vocals are better on it. Highs are brighter in the V2 and can show up more details, while the Ash is way warmer with zero sibilance and no kind of fatiguing peaks. Soundstage is on par i would say being a bit wider in the V2 thanks to the more extended highrange as well, with instrument separation and imaging being better in the V2. Comfort-wise the Ash win hands down, at least for me, being less tip dependent and way easier to wear without finding the right tips and spots. We should even say the Yinyoo V2 are more expensive, so that’s not a fair comparison but it’s something that could be useful to make a decision.


The Ash are not a new product if we speak about sound signature or technical capability.
However these are superb in terms of isolation and comfort, moving these a step up into my personal ranking. I would really advice these to people who performs in clubs as DJs or Drummers as these are superb for the price if we speak about practical usage. If i could give my personal advice to Yinyoo, it would be certainly trying to reach the excellent tuning of the V2 in Ash shape. That would be seriously awesome.

Keep up the good work Yinyoo!

Yinyoo Ash




Build Quality


Comfort (subjective)







  • V-shaped sound with a lot of energy
  • Super comfortable shape, superb isolation and very lightweight
  • Great Cable
  • Perfect for live performance as DJs, Drummers


  • Strong v-shape could not suit everybody
  • I would have appreciated more detail and air in the upper end
  • Falls in a very hard price bracket to compete in
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