CCA A10 – Huge Shape, Huge Sound

Hello everyone!
Sunny have sent me another bargain produced by CCA: the A10, which really seem an improved AS06 judging from driver configuration and shell. Let’s see how these perform!

You can buy the CCA A10 by clicking on the link at the end of the review!

Just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on source, tips and so on.

Test were made on:
– Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone
– Presonus AudioBOX iONE connected to my PC with no Enhancements actived
– AGPTEK M30B/Benjie S8 DAP
I even connect my Fiio A3 when i need it if i hear some earphones need a little more power.

Technical specs:
Drivers: 5 BA

Sensitivity: 98dB/mW
Impedance: 15 ohm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 40000 Hz
Cable lenght: 1.2m (0.75mm c-type Connectors)
Plug Type: L-type gold plated 3.5 mm jack


Simple carton package from KZ. It includes the cable, 3 pairs of Starline eartips and the IEMs. Nothing new.


Cable is the same that has been shipped with ZSN PRO, ZS10 PRO and so on. I would say an improved version of the cable they included with the ZS7 as the new one features pre-made hooks which is a good thing. Cable ends with a 3.5mm gold plated jack and you can decide if to buy the mic or non-mic version.


The first time i saw this i immediately started thinking about my AS06. The shape is quite the same but the A10 are a bit thicker and a tad larger. These should feature a new structure in terms of BA positioning: you can find this on the seller page, an image shows you how the drivers are placed.
Internally, 5 BAs make these alive: 1 low frequency BA, 2 mid-frequency BAs, 2 high-frequency BAs. We can see a vent in the internal side of the shell, just above the PCB. Nozzle is very well assembled (no glue issues) with an appreciated nozzle lip.


Comfort-wise, i like these a lot. I feel they’re even more stable than my AS06 even if the shape is the same. Maybe the added thickness helps me keeping these in my ears. Isolation is great being a closed in ear set. I find the starline tips to be just right with these so i’m keeping them on.
I have to say, in any case, that these could be too big for someone: they’re way bigger than the ZS7 but the shape is completely different and much more rounded, so the only way to know if they fit is trying them.


Let’s get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum’n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they’re not at a headache level.
V-shape signature is usually my favourite one but in the last period i’m appreciating a more balanced presentation with less recessed mids, more of a U shape.

Lows: lows are simply great. Bass has nice speed and impact, with nice texturing. Sub-bass is there when needed, but i still prefer DD sub-bass response: BA’s bass is very accurate being a tad less natural than the one produced by DDs. A10 are still very capable in reproducing electronic tracks without any kind of issue.

Mids: no bass bleed in this zone. Mids are forward with nice male and female vocals, which are presented with the right intimacy and without being shouty. Synths are very detailed and doesn’t sound recessed compared to other parts of the spectrum. Everything is at its place in a very coherent equilibrium.

Highs: highs aren’t bright as expected. They’re detailed and there’s no trace of sibilance: i’ve heard it just in one super sibilance-prone track. This part of the spectrum is actually not fatiguing just like it happens with other IEMs with many BAs that are not tuned properly. I feel boosting the upper range a bit more would have carried out some more details, but this is really subjective. I love the highs in these.

Soundstage is wider than deep with good height. Imaging and instrument separation are good: imaging is not razor sharp but very good, while instrument separation is great.

Now some comparisons:
vs KZ AS06
The A10 immediately seemed an updated AS06 to my eyes. The driver config reminded me the full BA setup of the AS06 as well, so i think a comparison is almost forced.
The AS06 have a more boosted bass while the A10 have a more linear response. Sub-bass is on par being a bit more boosted in the AS06. Midrange is more forward in the A10 with better female voices while AS06 has a warmer male voices presentation. Instruments are more forward and more detailed on the A10. Soundstage is a bit more expansive in the AS10. Instrument separation and imaging are better in the A10. I would say the A10 is the better between the two.

vs TIN Audio/TIN HiFi T3
Tin Audio/Tin Hifi T3 is one of the best IEMs of my collection, if not the best, technically speaking.
The A10 have a more colored presentation, with a bit more bass, tamed highs and less sibilance. The T3 have more details, a more textured and less colored presentation and are harder to drive. Instrument separation is better in the T3 while Imaging is on par, i would say. Soundstage is narrower in the T3, being more conservative and made for intimate listening while the A10 is more fun-oriented with a more expansive one. T3 are generally more comfortable making them a good choice for people than cannot stand the big shape of the A10. I don’t think the T3 is generally better: i would say these 2 are just different, with the T3 being more technical and the A10 being more colored and fun oriented. Both are very musical.


The A10 are just excellent. I have CA4, C10 and A10, and these are just the best among my CCA little collection. They’re technical, very musical, comfortable and provide a sense of accuracy that i really love.
Cannot say more except i really advice these if you’re searching for a clean, musical and detailed pair of IEMs in this price range.





Build Quality


Comfort (subjective)







  • Great SQ
  • Super bass response considering the BA, but do not expect a DD slam
  • Sounds great even without amping but benefits a bit by amping
  • Rare to no sibilance
  • Much competition at its price point but can distinguish easily: it's simply great!


  • Bassheads could be disappointed by the light rumble in the sub-bass
  • Could be too big for someone and being less comfortable than other products from CCA (like the C10 which is a comfort king)
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