Revonext QT5: Sweet Musicality

Hello again on my blog.
Finally i got my hands on the Revonext QT5 which were sent me from Sunny FREE of charge, in exchange of a honest review.
Getting these for free does not influence my final thoughts.

You can buy the Revonext QT5 from Better Audio Store at the link at the end of the review.

Just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on source, tips and so on. 

Test were made on:
– Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone
– Presonus AudioBOX iONE connected to my PC with no Enhancements actived
– AGPTEK M30B/Benjie S8 DAP
I even connect my Fiio A3 when i need it if i hear some earphones need a little more power.

Technical specs:
Drivers: 1 DD + 1 BA
Sensitivity: 105dB
Impedance: 15ohm
Frequency Response: 7 Hz – 40000 Hz
Cable lenght: 1.2m±3cm Detachable (0.75mm PINs). This is the mic version but there’s a non-mic one too.
Plug Type: L-type 


Solid carton package which is bigger than the usual KZ and TRN ones.
There you have a good presentation of the IEMs that come along with 3 pairs of tips and a twisted cable.


Twisted copper cable. It feels solid but prone to tangle. In any case, this is not bad, and features pre-made hooks. Cable ends with 0.75mm PINs and with a 3.5mm gold plated angled jack connector on the other side.
There’s a very appreciated chin slider.


Great build quality with full metal shell: first impression says 2 things: durable and solid.
There is a set of vents on the faceplate and a little vent just at the beginning of the nozzle on the inner face of the IEM.
Nozzle ends with a metal grill with an appreciated nozzle lip (the nozzle lip is very undervalued by many reviewers but it’s really important in my opinion).


Comfort is a real strenght when we speak about the QT5: their shell is ergonomic and grants a great grip and fit even for long listening sessions.
Isolation is good considering their back vents.
Being hybrid, the setup features 1 DD + 1BA, a very common and classic configuration we’re used to see in the chi-fi environment.


Let’s get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum’n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they’re not at a headache level. 
V-shape signature is usually my favourite one but in the last period i’m appreciating a more balanced presentation with less recessed mids, more of a U shape.

Lows: enjoyable low end with enough sub-bass for very demanding genres in this sense (i listen to many edm dubstep and trap tracks and i do not feel i miss sub bass).
Bass is not the fastest with a medium decay and while i prefer the bass in the V80 or ZS7, the bass here is really natural and never boomy, with great control and coherency.

Mids: they’re really at a step of not being recessed at all, with a slight mid-bass hump that male voices an awesome warm timbre without bleeding and ruining the midrange. Female voices are well rendered with a good amount of sparkle and delicacy.

Highs: slight emphasis on the lower treble makes them really fun and coherent to the classic and funny V-shape signature.
These are bright but not in the annoying sense of the term, being brilliant and detailed.
In my opinion, a little more extension on the upper end would have helped carrying out even more detail but that’s just a little personal thing as the highs here are good enough.

Soundstage has above average depth with just average width and height.
Depth is the real strenght of these but a wider presentation combined with a deep one would have been even better.
Imaging is pretty ok with good instrument position even if less precise that something like C10.
Instrument separation is suprisingly good considering the simple hybrid setup and the price, even if compared to most expensive and multidriver setups.


Revonext has done a great job with the QT5. I’m not gonna spend so many useless words, these are really exceptional.
Natural, coherent, punchy, detailed and very comfortable in a well built metal shell.
Do not wait more and grab a pair of these as the price is really good for what they offer.

Revonext QT5




Build Quality


Comfort (subjective)







  • Great SQ with surprising depth
  • Great build quality
  • Natural and coherent sound
  • Price


  • Limited soundstage width
  • Cable prone to tangling
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