Yinyoo V2: The Right Revision

Hello everyone!
After trying the KZ ZS7, AK Audio decided to send me a new product.
I’m very pleased that my past reviews were liked by many people and i hope i could keep posting new reviews and contents as this is just what i was searching for when i was a newbie (not saying i’ve become an expert though).
The IEMs i’m gonna speak about today are the Yinyoo V2 that you can buy from the link below:


I just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on ear canal, tips, source and so on.

There are the V2’s technical specs:
Drivers: 1 dual diaphgram DD
Sensitivity: 108dB
Impedance: 16ohm
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 35000 Hz
Cable lenght: 1.2m±3cm
Plug Type: Straight
PIN type: double PIN 0.78mm


They came in a carton package which was hiding a carry case and a warranty card.
Carry case contains: IEMs, cable, 2 packets of tips (one with stock tips from Yinyoo, one of Spinfit-like tips).


Yinyoo V2 are sold with a 4-core silver plated cable which is really good: it doesn’t tangle at all, it’s soft but even feels solid and durable.
Cable has 0.78mm PINs so you cannot connect it to your ZS7/ZS6/ZS5 and so on as they need the 0.75mm cable.
It features a chin slider but no microphone and it ends with a straight gold plated 3.5mm jack.


Build quality is amazing: the metal shell is well built and lightweight.
The rear vent shows the Yinyoo logo and should provide more air to the DD.
On the upper side the 0.78mm connector feels really good while connecting the cable.
On the front we have the usual grill at the top of the nozzle, and a little vent on the nozzle which prevents driver flex. A nozzle lip is something which the V2 have as many people consider this really important.
A single dual diaphgram DD lives in the metal shell and we’re gonna see in the “sound” section how does this sound.


This is really a point where the V2 shine.
The IEMs are really lightweight and can be worn with the cable around the ear or just straight down.
Isolation is mediocre: if you’re someone who walks into the city, takes the bus or travel with trains, these are not for you.
A big plus is that they can be worn with the cable around the ear or with the cable that goes straight down as a standard earphone.


Let’s get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum’n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they’re not at a headache level.
V-shape signature is my favourite one.
Lows: i’m still confused.. i like the low end here but actually not enough. Sub-bass is really shy: you can feel its presence but still not enough for my tastes. Kicks sound very well with good impact, speed and precision. One thing is sure: these are not for basshead at all as they’re softer than other v-shaped IEMs.
Mids: v-shaped doesn’t feel so hard here, i would say the V2 are more prone to a U-shape signature than a V-shape one. Mids are recessed but not as much as they are in the ZS7 for example. Male voices are helped by the warmth given from the mid-bass hump while female sound delicate and intimate at the right point, this thanks to the emphasis on the upper midrange which gives help to the female voices to bring them more in the forefront.
Instances of sibilance are possible in some tracks, but i personally think tip rolling can easily solve this.
Highs: pretty good. The V2 are bright but not fatiguing. Lower treble shows emphasis while the upper treble has a low roll-off with some little emphasis on certain points. I cannot say which are these precisely as i cannot get a graph actually.
I can feel the “air” given by these little humps in any case.
Soundstage is very wide while height and depth are average.
Instrument separation and imaging are really good in the V2: instruments are well positioned and separated in the space even in tracks with multiple instrument layers.
V2’s DD is not afraid of complex and multi-layered tracks.
V2 are really tip sensitive so you might change your tips before you find your perfect fitting and sound.
I haven’t tried personally, but applying a piece of micropore tape on the nozzle vent should boost the low end. Be aware you could have driver flex problems if you do this.


AK Audio offers a Yinyoo product which is interesting that is well built, clean and very comfortable even for long listening sessions.
I think i’m gonna use this for indie and soft rock as Dubstep definitely needs more sub-bass and i feel more comfortable using a more aggressive v-shape.
Price could be a little bit lower as Yinyoo has a lot of competition in this price range, moreover if we consider users cannot speak about Yinyoo on head-fi forums (even considering head-fi is the central station for every headphone user worldwide).
Thanks again to AK Audio for providing me this sample that will really please listeners that like something a bit colored without going too far from a balanced listening experience.

Yinyoo V2




Build quality


Comfort (Subjective)







  • Great SQ for a single dynamic driver, smooth U-shaped sound
  • Wide soundstage
  • Very well built
  • Great cable
  • Super comfortable. You can wear it for hours and they can be worn with the cable around the ear or straight down.


  • Pricy, could cost a bit less considering the competition
  • A bit more sub-bass would have been appreciated
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